Restauranters who put customer safety first should be rewarded

I recently ran across an interesting Maine video on YouTube. It was made by the group of businesspeople who had filed a class-action suit against Gov. Janet Mills. The aim of the lawsuit was to force Gov. Mills to open eating and drinking establishments in the three counties with “community transmission” of COVID-19.

In the video, as some bloviator was promulgating Trumpisms (“dictator,” “our constitutional rights have been violated”), he was backed by a crew, presumably the supporters of this suit, who were standing close together, nodding in approval. Only one of them was wearing a mask.

Now, who would choose to dine or drink at an establishment run by someone who was so publicly flouting guidelines established to prevent the spread of this pandemic?

On the other hand, in the paper recently was a story about Dominic Petrillo, whose restaurant in Freeport had been shut for violations of the rule that these persons were attempting to change. But Petrillo, unlike the crowd on YouTube, was wearing a mask, and he had made his eatery conform to every reasonable standard of health in this coronavirus age. Whose restaurant would you prefer to eat in?

It’s unfortunate that the state hasn’t tried to reward the restaurateurs like Petrillo who put the patrons’ health first. If that happened, there would be pressure on others to follow and we’d all be safer.

Paul Kalkstein,

Vote Perreault

I support Corey Perreault as a candidate for Maine house district 49 in the Democratic primary. I have known Corey since her daughters were in primary pod at Jordan Acres. She not only was a supportive parent during the 4 years her daughters were in my multiage classroom but was also a valued volunteer. I have always appreciated her continued commitment to education whether it was in my classroom or as a member of the School Board advocating for all of the children of Brunswick. Her dedication to the people of Brunswick is unwavering and I’m sure it will continue in her new role.

Cheryl Crockett,

Vote Horch

I urge Brunswick voters in District 49 (the western half of Brunswick) to support Fred Horch for Representative to the Maine Legislature.

After years of working in the media, it is refreshing to be able to speak freely about my own political opinions. It is also refreshing to have found a candidate, Fred Horch, whose positions on critical issues match my own though it is disappointing not to be able to vote for him because I don’t live in his district. However, I can share information with district 49 voters who I hope will choose to support him.

I met Fred at the Brunswick Rotary Club, an organization at which we both serve on the board.  I found that he has a fascinating and diverse background which allows him to connect with people of varying experiences.  He has practiced law, owned two small businesses, and is raising a family with his wife while being engaged in numerous civic and social service organizations in Brunswick.  In addition to being a Rotarian, Fred has volunteered at the MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program and the NorthWest Brunswick Neighborhood Association.   During the early days of Covid-19, Fred identified the need for compiling information in an easily accessible format, and with several other volunteers, developed the Facebook group “Support Brunswick” which has nearly 1,500 local members and provides information of local interest.

As a Green Independent, Fred will focus on legislation that promotes protecting our environment and moving to clean energy sources.  Fred doesn’t just believe in this concept, he lives it at home, having made several changes to his Brunswick residence to achieve a neutral carbon footprint.

Fred supports fully funding education to ensure that we have a well-trained workforce and well-informed citizens. He supports universal healthcare and believes we can achieve it in our state with a well-structured plan. He believes that each item included in the annual state budget should be reviewed for necessity and effectiveness.

For more information on Fred’s stand on the issues, I encourage you to visit his campaign website at and plan to vote for Fred Horch in November!

Michelle Lester,

Vote Arford

I support Poppy Arford State for Representative of District 49. Poppy has lived in Brunswick for 35 years and has raised her family here with her husband Loren. She has contributed to the community both professionally and personally, serving as a member of the Town Council and volunteering in many organizations.

We would be sending someone with a breadth of knowledge to Augusta. Poppy has experience in Outward Bound, substance abuse counseling, patient advocacy, mediation, and was a Founding Member of MaineAllCare, an organization that promotes healthcare for all Maine citizens.

Poppy fully embraces the Maine Democratic Party Platform. Education, the environment, equal rights, healthcare for all, and access to affordable housing and food are all issues that Poppy will be committed to attending to. She listens. She is intelligent, compassionate and seeks justice. She would work tirelessly on behalf of her neighbors in District 49.

Sheryl Clark Nadell,

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