Sincere thanks to columnist Bill Nemitz (“An open letter from Maine to the president who isn’t,” June 4) for his articulate and courageous expression of what those of us with open eyes and minds know to be the truth about the current “occupant” of the White House. Donald Trump is indeed, in Nemitz’s words, “a weak man … a pathological liar” and “… utterly lacking in moral fiber.”

Like many of my fellow Mainers and Americans, I share the concerns expressed by Mr. Nemitz that our country is indeed “coming apart at the seams” under a so-called president who governs by division and conquest, rather than the community and cooperation that characterize the state of Maine.

In the midst of the extreme crises in which we find ourselves, our country and the world, I find hope in the clear voices of reason of writers like Bill Nemitz. I also hope and pray that Mainers and all Americans will use their own rationality, raise their voices to demand change and exercise their franchise to change the course of this country.

Please vote Democratic this November, to “evict” the impostor Trump, and his Republican enablers in Congress (including Susan Collins). The survival of what is left of our democracy – and halting our current advance toward ever-more-extreme polarization, and fascism – depend on our doing so!

Robert Foster

South Portland

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