I have always been proud of my adopted state and have found Mainers to be somewhat reserved but overall friendly and helpful. Now we are hearing stories that are downright disturbing: being spit upon for wearing a mask that referenced the New York governor, people yelling at drivers of cars with out-of-state plates and worse.

A friend who moved here several months ago still has Massachusetts plates. (The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been closed and is now open by appointment only.) When she went to the beach in Kennebunkport, she was harassed, and followed, and told to leave the state, even when she explained that she does actually live here!

I told her that I am sorry! What is going on with the world? Who said this nastiness was acceptable behavior? (Actually, I think I know.)

What happened to the Golden Rule? People need to stop and think. There are always other more reasonable explanations for whatever we are so quick to judge.

Please, folks, use your brains, and your compassion, and find your inner better self. Rudeness is just not OK!

Regi Robnett

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