Maine’s Democratic U.S. Senate primary will arrive soon, July 14! It was a crazy spring, but now critical decisions are before us.

Who is in office and doesn’t really listen to our concerns at town halls or debates: Susan Collins? Yes. Sara Gideon? Yes again.

It seems clear that many Mainers are ready for a change in who represents us. So, who can defeat Susan Collins?

Betsy Sweet is the candidate most capable of defeating Collins. She doesn’t have big money or the establishment backing, but she is there for us! I have been to Betsy’s events; talking to others there, it was interesting to hear them say they had been supporting Gideon, but after hearing Betsy, they realized Betsy was the one to beat Collins.

Betsy has more experience helping Mainers with everyday life issues than any candidate, including Collins. Some of her impressive traits I saw at events was her interest in what the people’s concerns were. When asked about her position on issues, she answered clearly and then explained why she took that position. Additionally, she reaches out to people to find common ground, if they have a different opinion.

Betsy Sweet is the best candidate to represent us Mainers and to defeat Collins. She’s not taking big political action committee money or beholden to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer or Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

She’s running to represent us and deserves our vote. She sure has mine! Thank you, Betsy, for giving us hope for positive change!

John Soifer
South China

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