We live in very tumultuous times. Rogue cops, riots, killing, looting, burning, murdering and, to top it off, a pandemic.

Our local newspaper covered it all and one of the columnists made it all into a political issue. At the same time the Press Herald made barely any mention of some of America’s highlights.

Sunday was Flag Day, which the paper ignored. Did Betsy Ross do anything to offend you?

The first Saturday of this month was the anniversary of D-Day. Almost no mention, outside of “Today’s Almanac” on Page A2 and a brief wire service article on Page A7 (“Almost everyone staying away from attending D-Day anniversary,” June 6). Was Dwight Eisenhower guilty of some crime that offended your paper?

Next is the Fourth of July. Probably no mention because Washington, Jefferson, Adams and that bunch don’t deserve to be honored. We certainly need some change, but please don’t ignore the good that America has created. Some people need to be reminded.

Burton R. Epstein


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