I hope all Yarmouth, Long Island and Chebeague residents will join me and vote for Heather Abbott for state representative in the July 14 Democratic primary.

Heather cares for our community. While most Maine voters recognize the health and employment crises crippling Maine, many are not as aware of our crisis of care. Caring labor – teaching, nursing, counseling, parenting, coaching, tutoring – enriches human development. But Maine’s public policies shortchange all caring labor, especially the labor that nourishes our children.

At only $16 per person, Maine’s joint federal and state spending on the Child Care Development Fund ranks last out of all 50 states. As the parent of young children, Heather understands the real cost of the short-sighted policies that produce this shortage of caring labor. Our kids are suffering, and Heather is truly committed to fixing this issue.

Please join me in voting for Heather Abbott for state representative on or before July 14.

Susan Feiner


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