The choice has never been so stark in Yarmouth. Three Yarmouth council candidates (Shannon, Humphrey and Cromarty) and two school committee candidates (Wilbur and Hodgkins) are presenting themselves as a “power block” to create a combined “super” council/school committee. Their motto on identical signs: “In this together.”

Having followed two of the current councilors (Shannon and Humphrey), I am not surprised that their motto “In this together” is all about them. It didn’t even occur to them that it should be “All about us.”

If the town residents fall for this stunt, the motto will then be: “One for five and none for all.”

Jim MacLeod gets my vote. Jim’s strongest attribute as a two-term councilor was recognition that his constituency was the entire town. He did not engage in divisive, partisan politics. I’m grateful he’s running.

Loretta Dyer