There’s at least one article I always look forward to when I pick up your newspaper. It’s “On this date,” written by retired newspaper editor Joseph Owen. Unlike most bicentennial events and activities that were planned to celebrate Maine’s 200th anniversary, it’s one that hasn’t been put off until next year.

I especially enjoyed his June 9 piece on the state seal (Page B3). The author approaches the subject with a most welcome and appreciated sense of humor: “designed by committee – a foreboding circumstance in itself … .”

Although subsequently modified several times, the version used today dates to 1919, after which, Owen writes, “the state moves on to more pressing matters, such as selecting an official state bird, tree, flower, song, soft drink and treat.”

I also applaud all the research he must have done to put this feature together. Thank you for giving us this regular tidbit, which takes us away, even for a few minutes, from the bad news world of the past few months.

Paula McKenney


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