I’ve been puzzled that the national Democratic Party decided who should run against Susan Collins months ago, long before any campaigning, before the primary. Ads quickly supported Sara Gideon, followed by Republican ads attacking her. But Maine Democrats hadn’t yet chosen.

Maine Democrats finally will choose their candidate in the July 14th primary. There’s a good chance they’ll choose Betsy Sweet. Statewide, many remember Sweet’s campaign for governor, when she ran against Janet Mills. Her 37-year career crafting legislation – like the country’s first Family Medical Leave Act and bills to publicly finance elections and raise the minimum wage – improved Mainers’ lives. And Betsy Sweet has been clear that the United States needs universal health care, a policy supported by 69 percent of Americans even before the pandemic made the case even stronger.

The pandemic forced her to cancel 50 events, which she says is “hard for a hugger.” Anyone who hasn’t met her really must visit her website, then check elsewhere on the internet. You’ll see how warm and friendly she is, but also how passionate about issues that affect women, children, elders, and low-wage workers. She’s articulate and persuasive, well-schooled in how government can and should change.

Susan Collins has allowed herself to succumb time and again to her party’s misguided leadership. Either Sara Gideon or Betsy Sweet can defeat her. But Betsy Sweet has the longer track record of accomplishment and effective leadership. She is by far the better choice.

Sherry Cobb

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