Fly fisherman Evan Donald checks his line while fishing in the Androscoggin River in Lisbon on Monday. Adam Robinson/The Times Record

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LISBON — Like many in Maine, Evan Donald can’t remember when he started fishing. Donald has been out on the water for as long as he can remember, and has now taken his passion to the business side. Standalone Gear LLC. is the new business, one that will be selling “fishing accessories.” When he’s not making prototypes, he’s out on the river, casting fly-fishing lines at all hours of the day and night. The 21-year-old Freeport native has been using his time home from the University of Maine to work on prototypes for his company and getting in extra fishing sessions.

Tuesday afternoon, we caught up with him as he fished the Andro.

Q: How’d you find this spot?

A: Trial and error. It’s good sometimes, but not right now because it’s hot out. This is a pretty good spot, pretty well-known.

Q: Is it well-known in the fishing community?

A: Yeah, the Androscoggin has some good fish; it’s kind of like a hidden gem. It’s where I recommend people start fly fishing because it has a large population of small-mouth bass. I usually go further down in the Durham section but will occasionally come down here. There’s a lot of fish in here, lot of pike.

Q: What’s the largest fish you’ve ever gotten?

A: Probably a five-six foot shark. Stripers are probably the biggest fish I usually get, sometimes chance into a pike.

Q: And you said you get lucky here sometimes?

A: Oh, yeah, all the time. This spot is really productive, lots of little fish.

Q: How long have you been fishing?

A: Since I can remember. It fits well in the schedule, just get up early and fish. I do a lot of fishing, it’s a lot of what I do.

Fly fisherman Evan Donald casts his line into the Androscoggin River in Lisbon on Monday. Adam Robinson/The Times Record

Q: Do you compete in fishing competitions?

A: As far as taking fishing beyond, I started a fishing company. I’m making fishing outdoor apparel, stuff like that. It’s called Standalone Gear LLC, or STAG. That just started out, got a grant for $5,000, so I do a lot of fishing, yeah.

Q: Where would you say you go the most to fish?

A: Without blowing up any secret spots, I’d say the Androscoggin. It’s a hidden gem. A lot of people fish “bob and worm” but it’s a really good fly fishing area, from Bangor-down. All the rivers in Maine are really productive and have big small-mouths. My biggest was 22 inches out here, that’s some stuff you’d catch out west. It was pretty crazy.

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