We need leaders at all levels of government to help steer us toward a brighter future full of progress. That is why I urge my Maine House District 41 neighbors in Deering Center, Deering Highlands, part of Libbytown and Rosemont to vote for Ben Grant as our next state representative.

Ben has spent his life and career advocating for workers as an attorney and has a deep commitment to issues that deeply impact our community; such as funding for public education, gun safety and the environment.

Ben has the kind of experience that will make him an effective advocate for Portland. He served on Gov. Mills’ transition team and oversaw the appointment of competent leaders to key positions, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education.

I urge my neighbors to vote for Ben Grant for Maine House District 41 in the July  14 Democratic primary.

Marpheen Chann


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