Re: “Sen. Collins: Maine seniors in nursing homes need better protection from COVID” (June 15):

Why is Sen. Susan Collins lecturing Mainers on the need for more personal protective equipment and testing for COVID-19 in Maine’s nursing homes when it was President Trump’s failure to unambiguously invoke the Defense Production Act early in the crisis that has created all the shortages? Instead of marshaling the capacity of U.S. manufacturing to rapidly convert to producing needed supplies, he downplayed the crisis and told governors that the federal government wasn’t a “shipping clerk” and that they were on their own to protect their citizens. Where was Collins’ voice then?

So much for leadership.

The fact that Maine now has vastly increased testing and has procured ample supplies is because of the hard work of the governor, Dr. Nirav Shah and the staff of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Perhaps Sen. Collins could have at least acknowledged that.

Her column is a thinly disguised political ad from someone who remained mostly silent as this tragedy unfolded.

Mary Ann Larson


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