We have witnessed an extraordinary failure of the U.S. Senate by its complicity in abuses of power by a president who has repeatedly lied to Americans, inappropriately exercised authority, aligned with corrupt powers, compromised the environment, fueled racism and xenophobia and failed miserably to respond to COVID-19.

While I appreciate that Sen. Susan Collins voiced concern about the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters to make way for the president’s photo op and her support for the Affordable Care Act, her failure to duly respond to the comprehensive, alarming and legitimate case for the removal of Donald Trump from the office of president astounded me.

We need a senator who will lead on issues facing the people of Maine and who will confront corruption, speak truth to power and work for justice for all. Sara Gideon has such a track record.  I urge you to support her in the July 14 Democratic primary.

Gwendolynn Purushotham


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