“Lady Clementine: A Novel,” by Marie Benedict, 336 pages. Sourcebooks. $26.99.

“I wasn’t really looking for this book in particular but found it on the new-book shelf at our library in Raymond, right before we shut down. I had just finished the ‘Tattoo Artist of Auschwitz’ and its sequel, and more importantly, I had read recently ‘A Gentleman in Moscow.’ So, as you can imagine, I was deep into ‘solitary confinement’ and the horrors of war.

“‘Lady Clementine’ (Marie Benedict’s historical and biographical novel about Clementine Churchill) seemed to fit right in with these books and their stories of sadness, fear, sorrow and of course the horrors of war. Comforting to know it could be so much worse … I am always in awe of what people can endure and how they survive. Helps me keep a perspective on our current situation.

“She was a woman of great influence as (Winston) Churchill’s wife … The book carries the reader through her early life, marriage, birth of their children and two world wars. The book was well researched giving one the impression that much her life experiences told were true. I highly recommend it.”

— SUE ACCARDI, Raymond

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