Frequently an acquaintance has asked me how I’m coping during these strange times. But before I can answer, the person will say, “Actually, it’s probably not a lot different for you, is it?”

Having been more-or-less sidelined since my foot surgery in December, yes, it’s pretty much the same. I did escape home to go to work for seven weeks, although in an aircast, but was furloughed the middle of March.

Now I can drive and get out in regular shoes. However, this winter I had many visitors. Now only one or two brave souls has kept me company.

My friend Sally faithfully texts me almost every day. And frequently I get calls from friends in Pennsylvania and Harrison and my aunt in Mississippi.

Early on, my only social occasion was Virtual Physical Therapy with  Ryan. He is fun and was good virtual company, but luckily we soon transitioned to the office, so I had a place to go and a person to see. Although with our masks on, it is difficult to really “see” a person.

I have little that I must do, which can be good or bad, depending on the day. For structure, I make a To Do list every day, which I usually accomplish. One project was having my childhood dolls restored. Ken now has his hair back in a buzzcut.

I shopped for groceries only once a week, a big change for me. Once I could find flour, I started baking again. I had success with my sugar cookies, blueberry gingerbread and sour cream blueberry muffins. Not so good was my mother’s peanut butter pie recipe, which turned out gooey.

I did takeout and had lots of pizzas delivered.I treated myself to an elegant Easter dinner from Inn by the Sea. And instead of eating it out of the containers, I actually set the table with dishes.

Unfortunately, however, my comfort food has become Swedish fish.

Just to escape the boredom early on, I took drives. Among many destinations were Naples, Old Orchard Beach and Cornish.

Gradually my life is coming back. I have taken walks with my friends Sally and Lydia and Jen. My drives now have a purpose and I can get out of the car for shopping and ice cream stops and sightseeing.

I have walked around Bug Light, Back Cove, Evergreen Cemetery and the Causeway in Naples. And thanks to Zoom, I can now do Aerobic Dance again.

Feeling nostalgic. last week I took an overnight trip to Rumford, where I could actually eat inside at a restaurant, actually two, Chamberlain’s and the Hotel Rumford. It was so good to get away.

At times I do find myself befuddled and anxious. So when people get inpatient with me, I say to myself and sometimes to them, “I’m doing the best I can.”

And really, isn’t that all any of us can do right now?

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