I sit in astonishment as we are now being told that Russia has placed a bounty on our service members, with the Taliban, that has resulted in American troops being killed. Instead of retaliation for this egregious act, President Trump’s response has been to propose withdrawing troops from Germany (to Russia’s benefit), inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin back to the G-7 and allowing continued interference in our elections.

I sit in astonishment as this administration declares success in a pandemic that has killed 125,000 Americans, and continues to try to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which will remove health coverage for 23 million citizens, including 100,000 Mainers.

I sit in astonishment at a president who suggests injecting a disinfectant as a promising idea to kill the coronavirus. The hypocrisy of a president who refuses to wear a face covering in public for vanity reasons, showing a dismal lack of leadership and promoting large rallies for political reasons, despite public health risk.

I sit in astonishment that, during a time of racial injustice with massive protests, our president teargasses American citizens for a photo op, and issues executive orders to protect monuments instead of protecting Americans exercising the right to protest. He then alienates and insults people with his “Kung flu” virus comments. So instead of having a president who unites, we have one who would rather incite and inflame situations.

I sit in astonishment that not one Republican senator, including our own Sen. Susan Collins, has the spine to ask this president to resign.

Stephen Farrell


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