When gay man Charlie Howard was murdered in Bangor in 1984, Barb Wood joined with me and other activists to form the Maine Lesbian Gay Political Alliance (now EqualityMaine) to fight against discrimination and hate, and educate Mainers about how wonderful LGBTQ+ people are.

From that humble beginning, when the LBGTQ community was maligned and misunderstood, Barb Wood went on to become the first openly LGBTQ elected official in Maine when she won a seat on the Portland City Council in 1988.

Barb’s presence on the council, her even keel and ability to talk with anyone, helped create the city’s renaissance. Barb has been honing her political skills for years, and that’s what makes an effective representative.

Vote for Barb Wood in the Democratic primary on July 14 for House District 38 and let her work her magic for you in Augusta.

Dale McCormick


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