Anne Carney is an effective legislator who gets things done. She learned in September, for example, about the fiscal and environmental costs to Maine communities from oil facilities closing. She wrote a bill and got it passed before the Legislature adjourned in March. Mainers are now protected by a law requiring oil terminal owners to remove tanks, clean up contaminated soil and bear the resulting expense.

Anne’s training as a lawyer and experience as a representative mean that she crafts effective, implementable legislation. She will hit the ground running as a senator, a priceless advantage.

Anne has pledged to work in the Maine Senate to address systemic racism, to reform law enforcement policies, to end racial disparities in incarceration rates, to fight for universal health care and to invest in an education system free of racial inequities.

Please join me in ranking Anne No. 1 in the July 14 Democratic primary.

Beth De Tine
South Portland