SCARBOROUGH — At a time when thousands of consumers are facing financial struggles, challenges and uncertainty, Town & Country Federal Credit Union partnered with renowned personal finance expert, Jean Chatzky, for its 2020 Money Conference on June 24. Hundreds of Mainers participated in the live, online event and the credit union will be making a recording of the conference available to anyone through its website shortly.

“Financial resilience is critical right now as people navigate these difficult times. There are steps that consumers can do in the short-term and the long-term that can strengthen their financial situation today and in the future. The stress that financial uncertainty has put on a number of people is very real so I welcomed an opportunity to offer some simple, easy solutions to help people manage their finances right now. Having partnered with Town & Country in the past and having an ongoing relationship with the credit union, I applaud the credit union’s initiative in wanting to help people right now,” said Jean Chatzky, who is a frequent contributor to multiple media outlets including NBC’s ‘Today’ Show, CNN, and works significantly with AARP.

During the free, online event, Chatzky shared and highlighted seven money moves individuals can make to be financially resilient right now. She particularly focused on the importance of building emergency savings, paying down debt, monitoring credit reports, especially with increased fraud now, and working with financial institutions to discuss financial challenges and situations and find solutions. “Evidence suggests there is a strong correlation between emotional stress and financial distress. Helping provide some ways to help people get in a better place financially will also help them emotionally, too.”

In opening the conference, Town & Country FCU’s President and CEO David Libby said, “The financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant on people’s personal finances, and we recognized the need to offer insight, information and tips to help cope with these struggles. We have heard from many people who are worried about their personal finances right now, whether they are employed or unemployed. Since March, the need for financial wellness has increased as some members face extraordinary challenges and struggles, and this reinforces one of our core principles of providing financial wellness to consumers. We have worked with Jean in the past on financial wellness topics, and her knowledge and expertise were the right message to provide at this time. People need information and advice right now not only for their current financial situation but moving forward. We are really happy we are able to provide this session.”

The credit union offered the conference at no charge to members and non-members and, underscoring the importance and need for financial wellness information at this time. It will be posting a recording of the conference for anyone to view at

“We believe the knowledge and expertise offered in this conference is something everyone can learn from so that’s why we are sharing it for all to access,” Libby said.

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