BRUNSWICK — The Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices found Monday that Stan Gerzofsky, a Maine Senate District 24 candidate, violated campaign finance laws by underreporting his campaign expenditures. 

Four Brunswick residents filed a complaint against Gerzofsky on Friday and detailed concerns that the politician’s filing, submitted two days past the July 6 deadline, represented “gross violations” of state laws.

They urged the commission to act quickly, as “It would set an unfortunate and dangerous precedent if these violations go unaddressed until after the election” on Tuesday. 

Gerzofsky reported $2,315 in advertising costs to a monthly publication, The Town Cryer shopper, in March and April. However, Gerzofsky allegedly failed to disclose at least $2,679 worth of further advertisements, according to the complaint. The additional funds more than double Gerzofsky’s campaign expenditures to $4,995.

According to a representative from the ethic’s commission, Gerzofsky will be fined for the violation. The amount has yet to be determined and he will have the option to appeal.

Candidates are required to submit an 11-Day Pre-Primary Report documenting spending from the beginning of the campaign through June 30. Any further expenditures of more than $1,000 must be reported within 24 hours. 

Gerzofsky is running as a “traditionally financed” candidate, while his opponent, Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry, is running as a candidate under Maine Clean Election Act. Candidates who participate under the clean election act may accept limited private contributions at the beginning of their campaign and all goods and services received must be paid for with MCEA funds, according to the state website.

Gerzofsky was first elected to the Maine House of Representatives in 2000 and served four terms before running for and winning the race for Senate District 24, which includes Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell, North Yarmouth and Pownal. He served another four terms and was termed out in 2016 and replaced by Everett “Brownie” Carson. 

He is running against Daughtry, who has represented District 49 (Brunswick) for the past eight years in the Maine House and is the co-owner of Brunswick’s Moderation Brewing. 

Gerzofsky could not be reached for comment by press time on Monday. 

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