It is with great sadness I’ve witnessed the behavior of visitors to Portland over the last few days. Like you who visit, we too love our restaurants. But unlike you visitors, we also love the staff of those restaurants, as they are our neighbors, our friends and our families.

I’ve seen you without masks get right up close to the servers or hosts and argue about whether they should ask for a contact name and number for your party. I’ve seen you line up without masks for a table close to people not in your household, talking loudly and animatedly. I’ve seen you push by servers to sit before they’ve sanitized the table.

We all are tired of the restrictions that this pandemic has placed on our lives. That’s why we all worked hard to stop it from spreading here in Maine. I’m very afraid that people refusing to wear masks or maintain distance from others will guarantee that the return to a more normal life cannot happen.

Or, you can just do your part and wear your masks and try to stay a bit farther apart when you are in public.

Susie Crimmins

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