Re: “Bust of Penobscot Nation WWII vet to be placed at Omaha Beach” (July 2, Page B1):

I read, with great admiration, the Associated Press story on Charles Shay published in the July 2 Press Herald. What an honor to have his bust displayed at Omaha Beach, where he was in the first wave during World War II.

The horrors he experienced that day, when he was 19, cannot be imagined by those that age today. That war was fought and won by the Allies so history would deter such events in the future. Charles Shay’s relatives and all of us should be very proud of his actions that day while being honored with the placement of his bust at Omaha Beach.

Busts and statues have been used since man first roamed the earth to honor men and women who have shaped our future. They are meant to remind us of our founding, good and bad, so we move forward without repeating the errors of the past. We can only pray that sometime in the future, an agenda-driven group, with a hatred of American Indians, who fought for invading forces in Europe, doesn’t smash his bust as a show of disdain.

Never happen, you say. We have seen over the past few weeks that “never” does happen.

Don Davis


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