I’ve been following the employee strike at BIW. Bath Iron Works is owned by General Dynamics which is a very large, wealthy organization. General Dynamics as a company is involved with military shipbuilding, aerospace, aircraft, information technology and is one of the largest defense contractors.

General Dynamics was given a $45 million dollar tax break from Maine approximately two years ago while at the same time General Dynamics received a large tax break for one of their groups in Connecticut. At that time General Dynamics stock was doing very well.

It seems to me that General Dynamics/BIW would be able to easily come to an agreement with union officials and employees at BIW.

During this COVID-19 period of time, a number of BIW employees decided not to go to work for fear they could contract this virus and perhaps spread the virus to family members. Staying home I feel was a good idea. Unfortunately, these employees who stayed home lost income.

Bath Iron Works employees have proven to be reliable and Maine built ships are highly regarded.

For Bath Iron Works to not come to a congenial agreement with their employees is perplexing. To disregard the union rules by hiring outside, non-union sub-contractors is also puzzling.

It appears that General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works has been given a great deal of favors and help from the state of Maine that could have been put to much better use locally. I would think that Bath Iron Works would be more concerned with the well being of their employees, of the city of Bath as well as the state of Maine. It is the employees who make the company successful, not simply managers and decision-makers.

To support the employees at Bath Iron Works is also supporting local businesses as well as the entire state of Maine. Presently, with so many people losing jobs and businesses folding, we need support not adversarial relations. The outcome of this strike has an influence on all employees in Maine!

Joseph Ciarrocca,

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