BIDDEFORD — Destinee Cyr, a native of Biddeford, is in competition for the chance to appear on the cover of a future edition of Maxim magazine.

Cyr, 28, is now in the Semi-Final round in the annual competition, in which fans vote for which aspiring model from across North America will grace the cover of the popular luxury magazine.

She is among 64 finalists out of the approximately 38,000 candidates who were originally part of Maxim’s 2020 Covergirl competition this year, and has raised nearly $20,000 through her Maximprofile, supporting Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors.

“I didn’t enter this competition because I always aspired to be a model,” said Cyr. “It was a challenge to myself. If I could succeed at this, it would show every girl that’s ever struggled with her self-esteem, that no matter how crazy your dream seems to others, if you truly believe in it, it’s always attainable,”

Winners of the Semi-Final round will advance to the Final 8. The winner of the overall competition will receive $25,000, a photoshoot with a renowned photographer, and a feature on the cover, along with on a two-page insert in the magazine.

Cyr said that if she wins the competition, she intends to give some money back to her family and fund her lifelong dream of launching a bakery.


“My parents have done so much for me, and it would make me so proud to finally be able to reciprocate the love and support they’ve always given to me,” she said.

If Cyr’s fans want to vote in the competition, they can vote for her online on Maxim’s contest page, or view a link to the competition on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Voting for the Semi-Finals ends as of 11 p.m. on July 30. People can vote once every 24-hours, or they can purchase “Warrior Votes,” which directly benefit Homes for Wounded Warriors.

The final winner is expected to be announced sometime in early August.