A bottle of Peroni paired with a Margherita pizza from Tipo. Aimsel Ponti photo

I have a new favorite pizza, and it’s from Tipo in Portland.

I came to the pie by way of a friend, as a thank you for helping clean out her attic. I also got a collectible doll of Tippi Hedren in “The Birds” out of the deal and you should see this thing: She’s in a mint green skirt suit with three birds attacking her and it’s still in the box. So in other words, I got some Tipo and a Tippi. One was devoured that night, and the other one will be permanently displayed in my house.

My friend suggested takeout from Tipo, on Ocean Avenue in Portland, because it’s close to where she lives. I’d never eaten there and had long wondered about it, so I was game. We both ordered the margherita pizza (pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, basil for $11), and she also got a green salad (shaved vegetables, pancetta, frico and parmesan). To wash it all down, she opted for a bottle of Santa Giustina Rose ($15) and I ordered a bottle of Peroni beer ($4). About 20 minutes later, I decided to walk to pick up the order, never one to miss an opportunity to please my Fitbit.

I called upon arrival and a staffer came out, masked, and handed me the order. I, too, was wearing a face covering. I repaired back to my friend’s house to find Beyonce’s “Lemonade” album spinning on the turntable.

Local greens salad from Tipo. Aimsel Ponti photo

My friend shared her salad with me and it was right up my alley, thanks to the pancetta and cheese. I adore salads that mask their healthy aspects by having plenty of other goodies.

The cold Peroni paired superbly with an absolutely glorious pizza. Why glorious? Because if heaven was a food, it would taste like this pizza. Clouds of fresh mozzarella in every bite and a subtle sauce that didn’t overwhelm made this a divine dining experience. Perhaps it could have used a bit more basil, but other than that, this pizza and its thick crust was perfect. So perfect that I managed to, somehow, eat the two leftover pieces on the ride back home. With zero regrets and Bey songs in my head, this was a weeknight win if there ever was one.

By the way, Tipo’s patio is open if you want to “dine in.” They’ve got all sorts of pasta, pizza and incredible-sounding appetizers to choose from, including fried chickpea bites, strawberry crostini and caramelized onion focaccia. And, be still my beating heart, you can get a cannoli, too.

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