This newspaper should be more truthful when you write headlines. The July 16 lead front-page headline, “Mills’ economic recovery panel urges $1.1 billion in investment,” misses the truth by a wide margin. It was Bill Clinton who decided government does not spend, it “invests.” It was a lie then and remains so to this day.

A more truthful headline should have said something like, “Mills’ lunatic economic recovery panel urges $1.1 billion in wasteful spending.” The subheading could have been: “Maine is broke, Mills has no plan to downsize government. We’re doomed.”

Ditto for the July 17 lead front-page headline, “Republican lawmakers reject call for special session.” It’s clearly written to blame the Republicans when they are not at fault. A far more honest headline would have said something like, “Democrat morons want special session in order to continue spending.” The subheading could have been, “Dems still have not figured out state has no money. Republicans advise caution; shelter in place.”

This paper is rapidly going down the tube. It is not written for the common Mainer. Its bizarre, extremely liberal, slanted reporting is driving customers away. Change your ways or close the newspaper. The choice is yours.

Harry White


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