Dear Mr. Beem: I have Trump-Pence yard signs. I have a Trump-Pence flag. I have a MAGA hat. And I have a master’s degree from Boston College. And I am an owner of a Maine company that employs over 120 people. And I am not alone.

Let me tell you why I believe Trump will be reelected on Nov. 3: because he is on the side of what’s good. He is on the side of love. He loves America. And he loves Americans. And he loves law and order, and what America and the Constitution stand for. And you are on the side of hate, and your hate has rubbed off across the country, causing destruction. Liberals who support anarchy and division support hate and it is plain for all to see. I’m one of those very people you hate and you don’t even know me.

Theresa Cloutier