While Sen. Susan Collins is busy reminding us of her work on pandemic response it’s easy to lose sight of the glaring fact that her enabling of President Trump’s staggering ineptitude contributed to the tragedy unfolding around us. In an April 2 interview with the Bangor Daily News,  Collins actually made excuses for Trump’s initial response.

Thousands of needless deaths and an economic apocalypse could have been avoided with a strong, coordinated federal response. That would have required leadership from the White House, a tall order for its current occupant. Instead, all we’ve seen is a desperate search for someone to blame.

And where is her voice now that unemployment monies will be ending, millions are facing evictions and the virus continues its march through the population?

Why isn’t she speaking out about the critical need for economic support to states so that even more jobs aren’t lost? What good is seniority if you never use that leverage?

No, Sen. Collins doesn’t get kudos for cleaning up a mess she helped to create.

Mary Ann Larson

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