Last week, a busload of Women for Trump visited a restaurant in Old Orchard Beach. In a front-page article in Thursday’s Portland Press Herald, Jackie Tierney of Old Orchard Beach was quoted as saying of President Trump, “I just think he’s one of us. He’s worked all his life and hasn’t lived off the taxpayers.”

Think again. President Trump has gone through six bankruptcies (The Washington Post reported Sept. 26, 2016, that Trump claims four bankruptcies since he counts his first three as one). That means he’s been able to wipe away much of his debt when his finances went downhill. This “stable genius” can’t run his own businesses and needs to be bailed out.

And there’s a reason why he doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns. I personally think he pays so little tax that we, the American public, would be astounded. So he may not live “off the taxpayers,” but he certainly seems to be taking advantage of taxpayers by wiping out debt he has accrued and probably not paying his fair share of taxes like Ms. Tierney and I do.

Joan Nigro


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