The war veterans monument was moved to the Ocean House Common Village Green, next to Cape Elizabeth Town Hall on Ocean House Road. Town council approved the move on July 20. Town Manager Matthew Sturgis said that Memorial Day ceremonies will be performed at the location in the future. Catherine Bart photo

CAPE ELIZABETH — The war veterans monument, previously located next to Pond Cove Elementary School on Scott Dyer Road, was relocated to the new village green that is under construction on Ocean House Road.

A flagpole will also be planted at the site, Town Manager Matthew Sturgis said.

Cape Elizabeth Town Council unanimously approved moving of the monument on July 20. The monument is now part of the Ocean House Common Village Green and will be the future location for Memorial Day celebrations.

Sturgis said that in an upcoming council meeting, councilors should expect to acknowledge a few local citizens who “donated some funds to upgrade significantly the flagpole that shall be going there as well.”

“There have been some very generous people who wanted to help out,” Sturgis said.

Through the construction happening over the past few weeks, significant improvement has been made to the developing Ocean House Common Village Green, Sturgis said. The grass has grown in and the location is shaping into what plans have outlined.

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