On a recent drive from New Hampshire’s Lakes Region through Limington, Maine, I was dismayed to pass a sign along the highway that said, “Hey Janet, it’s a governorship, not a dictatorship. Open Maine Now!!”

Oka-a-a-ay. So whoever espouses these sentiments would rather Mills followed the precedent of governors like Brian Kemp or Ron DeSantos? Do they really want her to prematurely fling open Maine’s doors, inviting the recent spike in infections that is flooding the ICUs of Florida and Georgia with increasingly older and more vulnerable citizens?

I believe Mills deserves instead a huge thank-you for steering our state through this crisis with so much effort to balance the concerns of scientists with the very real needs of huge numbers of people here in Maine who depend on tourism for their livelihood.

One other point: We live in a democracy. Mills was voted into office by a majority of voters. Ergo, the policies and precautions she’s adopted in all likelihood meet with the approval of a majority of Mainers. Doesn’t sound like a dictatorship to me!

Bill Holland