Southern Maine voters, as you head to the polls this November, please consider the fact that the people most impacted by Central Maine Power’s for-profit corridor do not want it. Nearly every town along the route has voted to oppose the corridor with overwhelming margins with several towns going as far as enacting power line moratoriums to delay the construction of this project.

When the Maine Department of Environmental Protection held a hearing on the permit for this project, 2,283 Mainers testified in opposition and only 11 in support. The figures were similar at the Public Utilities Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers hearings. Further, Critical Insights polling shows that 9 out of 10 residents of Franklin County are opposed to the corridor, and 8 out of 10 residents of Somerset County are opposed.

Let’s preserve Maine together. Please, help us avoid the environmental repercussions of this destructive project, which would allow CMP and their foreign stakeholders to make millions off our backs. Vote “yes” on the referendum to stop the CMP corridor.

Troy Hull


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