Duane Hinds, 44, poses at McMann Field track in Bath recently. Hinds has enjoyed running since he attended Morse High School in Bath in the early 1990s. Adam Robinson/The Times Record

Duane Hinds has been an avid runner since 1991.

Through the warm summers and the frigid winters, Hinds finds a way to enjoy his passion, even at 44.

Hinds was running on a recent Sunday at his alma mater, Morse High School in Bath, and found time during a break to answer a few questions from The Times Record.

Q: When did you get into running?

A: 1991 back in high school. … I’ve been doing it off on and on since 1991. Some marathons, half-marathons, everything.

Q: Did you run track or cross country?

A: I did join track and we used the indoor track over at Bowdoin College.

Q: What high school did you go to?

A: Morse. I have done many miles on this track. Back when it was dirt.

Q: What got you into it?

A: Just something to do. I wasn’t great at coordinated team sports so it was a perfect individual sport.

Q: Where have you done marathons?

A: I did the Maine Marathon in Portland and did some half-marathons down there. They used to have the Race the Runways and I’ve done that.

Q: Have you ever raced outside of Maine?

A: Yeah, I went to college at Southern New Hampshire University and so we raced New Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Duane Hinds, 44, goes for a run at McMann Field track in Bath recently. Adam Robinson/The Times Record

Q: What kept you into it?

A: I just haven’t stopped. It’s something to do, it’s easy, you just get some sneakers and shorts and go. It’s a little harder in the winter but you get used to it. Just bundle up.

Q: What’s your favorite race you’ve ever done?

A: Probably the half-marathon. It’s just fun. It’s good to do. I don’t think I would do a marathon again. It’s too much to recover from.

Q: How long would you train for the marathon?

A: About eight or nine months. I still couldn’t run a decent time so it’s just not worth it for me.

Q: What was the last one you’ve done?

A: I did the half last year.


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