Heather Martin dares to dream an enlightened, educational dream. Parents of the pandemic, struggling with online education at home, will most likely embrace it.

I taught for over 30 years in public secondary schools, and just this morning spent some time with a mentor who taught me most of what I needed to be a good teacher; he is mine, and taught longer than I.  We pondered this strange, difficult time and what it will mean for young people. He said what he hoped most was that we would re-imagine American education.

Martin articulately, and I think realistically, makes many good suggestions, based on sound educational research: small schools, hands-on learning, multi-age classrooms, scaffolding. All of these would provide organic transition from where we are.

Public education is a keystone of any democracy. Our system, dating from pre-industrial times, is archaic. And if this pandemic has done anything, it has spotlighted the inequities in our country. Might this crisis finally convince us that a rising tide floats ALL boats, and that we are interdependent?

Thanks for publishing a hopeful, encouraging column in this challenging time. Let’s think creatively, and invest in education as we evolve.

M. Chris Reese
Orrs Island