The leaders in the Maine House of Representatives and Maine Senate asked all representatives and senators to vote whether they wanted to open the Maine Legislature to complete their work. This would be going back to work, the job they should be doing.

To my great surprise, the Republicans do not want to go back to work. All of the Republicans voted to abstain (not to vote for or against a proposal when a vote was held), which has the effect of saying “no” because of the votes required in the established rules to open. The legislative session cannot open with this vote.

The Republicans are the very people condemning Gov. Mills’ opening-up plans, demanding things open, running campaign ads, decrying the closed Legislature and demanding people go back to work. They’ve also been filing court cases and demonstrating to reopen Maine.

Apparently opening up and going back to work is good for “we the people” but not for the elected Republican representatives and senators. It is time for the Maine legislators to put on their masks, get their hand sanitizer, social distance and get back into session. Republicans should be ashamed of this political stunt.

Crystal Ward


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