David Graham has been named Veteran of the Month of July at the Maine Veterans’ Home-Scarborough. Courtesy photo

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1947, David Graham moved to Maine with his family when his father was transferred for work. He grew up in the Woodford’s Corner area of Portland and attended Deering High School.

In 1966, the Vietnam War waged on and 19-year-old Graham decided to enlist.

“I wanted to see the world,” he said.

Graham served in the Navy as the company postal clerk after having many different roles. He was stationed in both Da Nang and Phu Bai during his four-year tour in Vietnam. During that time, “I met some of the best people of my life,” he said.

Graham certainly fulfilled one of his purposes in joining the military — seeing the world; he enjoyed traveling to Puerto Rico, specifically Ceiba, and other locations overseas.

When he returned home to Portland, Graham worked at Maine Medical Center in patient transport services. He met his wife Debra in a Portland bar called Primo’s and says to this day that it was the best thing that ever happened to him.


“I’m a lucky man,” Graham said.

He and his wife have been married for 33 years. They spent time living in Jackman while Graham taught English. “Life was easier and I met really nice people,” he said, adding that he and Debra still remain close with their friends from Jackman.

Upon returning to South Portland, Graham worked as a real estate appraiser and for the U.S. Postal Service from which he retired. Graham impresses others by recalling all zip codes for the state of Maine.

While David and Debra did not have children of their own, he was a loving stepdad to Debra’s daughter, Elizabeth. Throughout the years they filled their home with cats in need of love and shelter.

Now a resident at Maine Veterans’ Homes-Scarborough, David Graham has been named Veteran of the Month for July. “Thank you for your service, David.”

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