Allison Hepler is a superb example of a true “public servant.” In this cynical time of self-interest and super tribalism, many politicians will vote for party power over principles. As with our great leaders of the past, Allison has served tirelessly with integrity for many years as selectperson in Woolwich and currently as our legislator for House District 53.

Allison listens carefully each day to her constituents’ concerns and needs. She advocates in the Maine House for our interests and knows how to compromise with her colleagues. Her educational experience teaching history to college students at the University of Maine Farmington allows her to discuss and compromise. As many Mainers do, Allison and her husband each know how to juggle several jobs to make ends meet.

Let’s reelect our dedicated, hardworking Rep. Hepler to continue to advocate for fiscally responsible, practical policies in Augusta that benefit working Mainers.

Nancy Chandler