What brought you into the real estate business?

Linda and I were always helping friends and family with buying houses, fixing them up, staging, and selling houses. At some point it just made sense to get a real estate license. I was first to get a license ten years ago and Linda in 2016.

Linda and Larry Davis, Brokers, Locations Real Estate Group

How do you feel your experience in other industries helps you in real estate?

The education I received as the general manager of a dealership is endless. Every day I am working with customers and employees resolving issues and always moving forward to come up with a win. Linda’s experience with nursing is all about caring, trust, good listening skills and attention to details.

What do you consider your areas of expertise in real estate?

As Linda and I bought our houses over the years we have always done a lot of the work ourselves. This gives us a different perspective working with our buyer clients. In addition, we can advise our seller clients regarding the expense of projects which bring value to their listings.

As long time Portland residents, what are your favorite parts of this city?

We love the Eastern Prom and the year-round breath-taking views.

If you could not live in Portland, where in Maine would you want to be?

We would be sitting on a lake at a camp having fun with friends and family.

How has the pandemic changed your business style, strategy, and approach?

You must be able to adjust to CHANGE because this market is changing weekly. Everything is changing from listing a home, showing a home, how quick offers are made, and how to look at multiple offers and decide what is best for you.

Do you have advice for buyers and sellers in this market?

Buyers need to just keep moving forward no matter how many setbacks and sellers will have a lot of quick decisions to make. Both groups should be patient. It will be worth the journey!

Larry & Linda Davis can be reached at 207-221-3171, larry@locationsinmaine.com or linda@locationsinmaine.com. Learn more about them at davismainerealtor.com.