I am concerned over the indifference displayed by Shaw’s supermarkets of the seriousness of the current pandemic facing all of us and especially toward their customers.

While shopping at Shaw’s Mill Creek in South Portland last Saturday morning, I saw that a gentleman in front of me at the checkout counter was not wearing a mask. I asked the cashier what Shaw’s position is concerning wearing masks, and she said that Shaw’s management said not to enforce this requirement.

Later I telephoned the store manager, who said that they cannot have a police officer at the store. I asked whether Shaw’s could have a person at its entrance to remind all customers of the governor’s requirement to wear masks when shopping, as well as offering a free mask as Hannaford does. He replied that he carries an extra mask in his pocket if he sees a customer is not wearing one.

I did not feel that his answer was acceptable. I told him that I felt that Shaw’s was not acting in good faith to protect its customers and that I would not buy from them again but would go to Hannaford, where I feel more protected from the virus.

As a footnote, I do hope that Shaw’s will change its attitude by protecting its customers as well as abiding by our state’s policy.

George Guilfoyle
South Portland

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