I find myself one among many of the victims of the recent move to slow down the U.S. Postal Service.

I have been in a very endangering situation in this time of COVID-19. My previous knee replacement was found to be infected earlier this year, before the lockdown. I was able to have my infected knee removed in order to be treated, and then I’ve been required to administer injection antibiotics at home on a daily schedule. I receive this medication in weekly packages by mail.

Last week, my time-critical, refrigerated medication got shunted off into the postal system and was two days late. My provider had to send two doses separately, by special courier. My provider reported that this had never happened in their company’s history, but that week, 10 shipments had been delayed in similar fashion and one of those did not make it to the destination in time.

I feel Maine is especially vulnerable, and now in my life I am especially vulnerable to threats to the USPS. I wrote an email to Sen. Susan Collins about this and received no response.

Why I bothered, I don’t know. She has defended almost all of this administration’s actions. But I find this particular (and not at all subtle) action against the USPS one of the most dangerous in a host of dangerous actions that is corrupting our government and life. This action endangered my health!

Dave Allender

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