Delay in face-covering implementation a danger at BIW

I am an employee at Bath Iron Works who has been reporting for work during the entirety of the COVID pandemic and labor union strike. I would like to extend appreciation to executive management for increasing sanitization efforts during this period and providing meals in efforts to keep workers safe and support local businesses. These efforts were both costly and required huge logistics arrangements by many diligent staff. I have been and will continue to wear a mask, disinfect my
work area, as well as conference room surfaces and equipment. During the strike, my colleagues and I have also pitched in to clean bathrooms, sweep floors, and take out the trash. At last, the strike is over.

However, the pandemic is not over. As touted, BIW employs people from every county in Maine. The current agreement with returning union workers is that they have until Oct. 5 to fully phase in the wearing of face coverings.

This means we now face six weeks of potential increased COVID spread, compromising a relatively safe working environment. In my opinion, this represents a lack of decency and respect between people who work side-by-side, and flies in the face of the challenges and hurdles we’ve recently overcome.

Carrie Callahan,

Vote McCreight

Let me tell you a story about an incredible human; an incredible legislator, (not a politician) a true legislator who cares deeply about her close-knit community of Harpswell. A woman who has represented this community as well as East Brunswick and West Bath for three terms and is now running for reelection. A legislator who will address all of her constituents’ concerns and follows up promptly. A legislator whose heart and soul is dedicated to the fishing industry; to natural resources; to mental health concerns. A woman whom I have great respect for and who has the respect from all who know her. Representative Joyce “Jay” McCreight has proven through dedication and hard work that she cares for this community and she cares for the state of Maine!

Donna J Deigan,

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