Vote Horch

I am writing to encourage the voters in district 49 (currently served by Mattie Daughtry) to elect Fred Horch as their next representative to the Maine House of Representatives.

I have known Fred for many years and think of him as a great example of someone who lives his values and shows the way for the rest of us. Fred was the first person I knew of who was able to claim that his home was fossil-fuel-free many years ago, when he converted his heating system to an electric boiler and put solar panels on his roof. His was one of the first families in Maine to start driving an electric vehicle.Many people knew of Fred first when he ran the FW Horch Sustainable Goods store on Maine Street.

Fred sets the bar high for his personal standards of sustainable living and I know that he will drive the state’s agenda in the right direction when it comes to renewable energy, environmental protections, equitable healthcare and education for all and a sound economy once he gets to Augusta.

I wish I could vote for Fred myself, and I don’t happen to live in his district, alas. So, all I can do is to ask those that can, to vote for Fred for me.

Kay Mann,

Vote Tepler

I am fortunate to count Rep. Denise Tepler among my most trusted colleagues in the Legislature. Denise has served on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, the Taxation Committee, and now serves as Co-Chair of the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee. Because of her work on these committees, Denise has a detailed grasp of some of the most important aspects of how our state government works. Whenever I have questions about how budgets are determined, revenues generated, or Insurance regulated, I turn to Denise for her expertise and knowledge.

I also value Rep. Tepler’s familiarity with and long standing commitment to the community of Topsham; she has been my guide to the people, places, and history that make up this vibrant town. She is a true champion for her community, the place she has called home for over 37 years and has served in a number of roles before becoming a member of the Legislature.

I am also grateful for Denise’s friendship and our families’ connections through our children’s shared experiences. I have come to know her as compassionate, fair- minded, and dedicated to doing what is right and just for the people of Maine. I urge the residents of Topsham to re-elect Denise Tepler to the Maine Legislature. You will be very well served.

Eloise Vitelli,

Vote Collins

I believe Susan Collins has devoted her whole service to helping the people of the state of Maine and I feel she still has the welfare of Mainers at the forefront of all her decisions.

Doug Pollock,

Coronavirus is continuing its spread

In her Letter to the Editor of Aug. 21, (“Many unwilling to take action on COVID,” The Times Record) Susan Chichetto finally gets down to revealing the Americans she is targeting (pro-lifers) as not caring about the lives of their fellow Americans during this COVID pandemic, as stated: “Most of the ‘meh’ people also claim to be pro-life” She also stated “It’s a sad shock to discover our lives don’t really matter. Only fetus lives matter.”

Susan Chichetto should be relieved to know that fetus lives don’t matter any more now than they did before the COVID outbreak. Access to abortions has been available all through the COVID pandemic.

What is Susan Chichetto’s opinion on the health danger involved in thousands of shoulder-to-shoulders, masked and unmasked protestors in city streets since May 26, 2020? The obvious disregard of CDC guidelines during these protests and the health risks for those involved or the community at large with its resultant infections appears to be immaterial and not newsworthy?
As far as the citizenry, it’s really OK for those of us who abide by the guidelines and still be sick and tired of the masks. the distancing, the wariness and fear of our neighbors and others in general.

I have missed 5 months of my 6-year-old great-grandson’s growth and development, not to mention the special time we regularly spent together. I miss the closeness of my family members, their displays of affection and their hugs. I miss natural public interactions.

In the interest of health and safety, it’s OK to be weary and fed up with what our lives have been reduced to and at the same time, grieve and long for the normalcy of our lives pre-COVID-19.
Are politicians or quacks to blame for these following numbers? Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 23 million confirmed cases in 188 countries. About 814,000 people have lost their lives.

Cases of the disease are continuing to surge in many countries, while others that had apparent success in suppressing initial outbreaks are now seeing infections rise again.

Una Connors,

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