Maine voters have an important new opportunity. Because Maine has ranked-choice voting in place, we are freed from choosing between the corporate funded candidates for U.S. Senate. Now we can vote for the candidate who speaks to our beliefs.

Consider this:

Lisa Savage is running as a progressive independent candidate, the only one who stands for a Green New Deal and for Medicare for all. Both issues are widely supported by Mainers, but are not supported by Democrat Sara Gideon or Republican incumbent Susan Collins, who are funded by those associated with corporations profiting from the present system.

Lisa Savage stands for connecting the dots. She connects the Pentagon’s huge carbon emissions to our devastating climate crisis. She connects the military budget (53 cents of every discretionary tax dollar) to defunding our social safety net and our devastating economic crisis. A well-funded social safety net is what provides us with real national security.

The U.S. military budget is larger than those of the next 10 nations combined.

Lisa Savage stands for bringing our war dollars home where they are so sorely needed for health care, housing, job training, education, even food.

Save the date (Sept. 11) for the first senatorial debate and hear Lisa Savage for yourself.

Make use of this opportunity. Giving Lisa your first choice can do more than shift the balance in the Senate, it can shift the discussion from corporate profits to people, peace and planet.

Rosalie Paul

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