Vote Arford

Poppy Arford should be elected to serve District 49 as the next state representative. I have known Poppy for nearly 20 years, having raised our children in Brunswick, and gone on numerous family hiking trips. Knowing Poppy, I think she would be a tremendous asset to our Legislature. I have had the chance to work closely with Poppy on two related community projects; the energy and positive attitude she brought made it clear to me that she has what it takes to take on challenges at the state level.

We, along with the Brunswick Junior High School art department and administration, initiated ArtScoop! and Family Art Night in 2006. We both had children in the school and became aware that parent support would be helpful in celebrating visual art at the school. We started with getting more attention to the annual art show. No sooner than Poppy had the idea to combine it with serving ice cream, she had succeeded in getting ice cream donated, details arranged, and ArtScoop! became an event. With that momentum going, the next event we worked on together was Brunswick Family Art Night. This was an all-ages, hands-on event, with cookie decorating, face painting, collage and stamp art, and sketches of Principal John Paige in costume! Poppy kept a clear head during some chaotic moments and delivered passion, commitment, and caring to these projects. We are fortunate that Poppy Arford is excited to focus her inquiring mind and boundless energy on serving our community as a state representative.

Andrea P. Tracy,

Vote McCreight

I write this letter to strongly recommend the re-election of Joyce “Jay” McCreight to the Maine House of Representatives.

In her first three terms, Jay has been extremely responsive to the needs of her constituents. Five years ago she joined a small group to help found Harpswell Aging at Home (HAH). Since then she has served as a member of HAH’s Steering Committee and kept us informed about legislation that affects older community members.

Most recently Jay has helped form a Policy Committee at HAH that will seek to influence aging at home issues in Augusta. Let’s re-elect a Representative who has demonstrated concern for her constituents, willingness to carry those concerns to Augusta, and credibility and skills for action on them!

L. David Brown, Co-Chairperson Harpswell Aging at Home Steering Committee,

Collins a sucker,’ must join Trump as a ‘loser’ in November.

Approximately 18, 12 and 6 years ago I voted I for Susan Collins to serve all Mainers and all Americans. I highly respected her and valued her public service. I was proud when she was recognized nationally as the most respected Senator in the country, following a historic Maine tradition of excellence and independence. I invited her as an inspiration to speak before veterans and seniors.

However, in the past three years, she has changed and her rating has hit rock bottom as a result. During this period, fear and power have forced her to join all Republicans in Congress as ”suckers” manipulated by, and cowering from, the worst president in our history.

Ads run by the Lincoln Project, the group founded by George Conway,  husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne, explain this change well. “She makes excuses for corruption, for criminality, for cruelty. All while pretending she’s worried, concerned, hoping Donald Trump learns a lesson.” It’s been a damaging and, due to Trump’s disastrous coronavirus response, a deadly performance.

Collins has been loyal to Trump and Mitch McConnell when it is most important for independence. She voted against impeachment, trying to convince us that Trump has learned. And, in one way, she was right. He has learned that he can get away with anything because Collins and other Republicans will not follow their sworn allegiance to the Constitution and stop him. Meanwhile, she has learned nothing.

She voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite highly credible claims of sexual misconduct. She voted for Bill Barr (that worked out well?) and then rushed over to be one of the first to congratulate him.

After Friday’s revelation about Trump’s unimaginable, inexplicable and inhuman comments about veterans (serving, retired, wounded and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice), again, there was silence, not the uncontainable rage of a patriot.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” In terms of her future political life, I hope that she proves him right.

Sen. Collins’ silence has been deafening. As far as I am concerned, “I am mad as Hell and I am not going to take it any more.” In reality folks, we are the “suckers.” As a result, we must work hard during the next 60 days to ensure that Collins and Trump are “losers” in November. I urge you to vote early and ignore Trump’s suggestion to vote often.

Glenn Michaels,

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