Many people are wearing face coverings declaring, “2020 Sucks.” Indeed, it’s a difficult time in an overwhelming number of ways. We have deep political division between Red and Blue, and deep social division between haves and have nots. Some say it’s a war against the poor, some, a war against people of color. Others see it as a war against the police and white people. I think it’s a wonder that we all exist in the same places with such different realities.

To me the disparity speaks to a lack of true leadership at the highest level, that the flames of hate are fed and all folks are pitted against each other, despite our glaring common humanity as we face COVID-19 and climate catastrophe together.

The only person I see running for office who is above the mess is Lisa Savage, Independent for U.S. Senate. Lisa is a retired, rural public school teacher who has been tackling these issues head on through a series of public webinars with outstanding panelists. Some upcoming topics include, “The Opportunity of Higher Education for All,” on Sept. 25 and, “A Nation of Immigrants, a Nation for Immigrants,” on Oct. 5.

Lisa’s vision is to bring us together as we face shared challenges, making systemic changes that will improve people’s lives and make us all more secure. If you are discouraged, or angry, check Lisa out at The Webinars are under “Events”. Ranked Choice provides hope that we may choose a real leader this November.

Lisa Buchanan

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