I’m writing to say, “We need a Savage to fight for Maine in the U.S, Senate,” and to thank you for sponsoring the debate on Friday evening.

I felt that Green Independent Lisa Savage stood out clearly as the most decisive and forthright of the four candidates. She also was the less rancorous and divisive, making positive goals for the working people of Maine her first concern: not only the need but also how they can be achieved in these difficult times.

Lisa Savage knows firsthand the struggles of income inequality and out-of-reach health care for many Mainers, and she is not afraid to speak out against the corporate-military status quo which has the U.S. stagnating with endless wars and tax cuts benefiting only the wealthy. Moreover, she is indebted to no political action committee or corporate interest.

Isn’t it time the truly independent and hardworking spirit of Maine people had a senator who accurately represents their interests?

Ranked-choice voting makes that a possibility this time around. We don’t have to compromise our vote for by choosing the lesser candidate in order to speed Sen. Susan Collins’ retirement.

Richard Brown Lethem

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