In John Balentine’s most recent column (“Pandemic pet peeves, part III, Sept. 10), his last peeve is with Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s “peeved that many still trust him after he admitted he deliberately misinformed the public regarding the effectiveness of face masks.”

“Early on Fauci told us masks would do little to contain the virus, but then he changed his mind and became a fierce advocate of masks. He tried to defend his earlier statement saying he was just trying to prevent a run on masks by the general public, which would have decreased access for healthcare workers.”

Considering how panicked consumers scarfed up all the toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and many other commodities (some of which you still have trouble finding in stores six months later), I would say that Dr. Fauci’s concern about a run on PPE was well founded.

Balentine went on to write, “Don’t trust Fauci is the only message I took from this.”

Oh, I know how you feel, John. Just this week it was published from Bob Woodward’s new book that Trump admitted to him that he did a similar thing for a similar reason. He admitted deliberately understating the danger of the novel coronavirus, because he didn’t want to get the American public all panicked over it.

Don’t trust Trump is the only message I took away from this. I’m sure, John, that you took away the same message, right?  Or are you still shilling for the administration?

Mark Anderson
Hollis Center

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