After watching last Friday’s Senate debate, it’s obvious to me that Democrat Sara Gideon is the best choice for the U.S. Senate. Her heartfelt concerns for Mainers were evident. I feel she has the determination, desire, compassion and knowledge to effectively work the turbulent currents of the Senate.

Susan Collins’ silence on the disastrous actions of our president speaks volumes. This was apparent as she dodged a question about supporting her party’s candidate for president.

She had a chance to stand up for justice during the impeachment trial and did not.

She keeps promoting her actions on the Paycheck Protection Program, but she left a loophole for hotel and restaurant chain corporations to suck out money intended for small businesses ­– which is what most of the businesses in Maine are.

I am tired of Susan Collins not taking any tangible action.

Sara Gideon is the right person to work with Sen. Angus King to get the hard work done that we desperately need right now.

It’s time to retire Susan Collins and send Sara Gideon to Washington.

John Tiedje

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