As a retired hospital pharmacist, after a long career spanning three hospitals and two states, I have some understanding of infectious disease and its transmission. So, as the events rising from the wedding celebration in Millinocket unfolded, I got it.

COVID-19 is acting just the way that the science told us it would. The completely reasonable guidelines set forth by the state were ignored and, just like the science tells us, the worst happened.

I am baffled by those who defend what was done because of a perceived hindrance of “rights.” In addition there are some who tell us that there is a “right” to have full church services in defiance of the same, sane state guidelines.

Every day our lives are governed by rules, regulations and laws that help to keep us safe. The rules instigated concerning our behaviors during this pandemic are just more of the same and are reasonable.

What “right” makes it permissible for anyone, including those who choose to take part in large events in defiance of the state rules, to intentionally put others in harm’s way?

Gary Duford

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