Annabelle Lane, 4, of Bath, sets her sights on an apple just beyond her reach. Marilyn Sprague, owner of Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin, said that because of the coronavirus pandemic, families have been trying to spend more time outside and with many children in hybrid learning plans, the orchard has, happily, been “swamped” during the week. Hannah LaClaire / The Times Record

Brad Sprague, who runs Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin, sells two pumpkins on Monday. A frost at bloom time killed a lot of the harvest, according to Marilyn Sprague, but that hasn’t deterred any visitors. Between Saturday and Sunday the small bakery made roughly 8,000 doughnuts, Brad Sprague said. It’s been a strong season so far visitor wise, with crowds throughout the week and into the weekend. Everyone has been good about keeping their distance and wearing masks, Marilyn Sprague said. “I can’t complain a bit.” Hannah LaClaire / The Times Record

Honey crisp apples are ripe for the picking at Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin on Monday, the last official day of summer. In the background, the leaves begin to change. According to owners Brad and Marilyn Sprague, peak apple season runs fom the second week of September through the second week of October. Hannah LaClaire / The Times Record

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